Monday, April 19, 2010

Sara Sohn/Vegan Marshmallows (Sweet and Sarah)

Sarah Sohn is my hero.
She makes vegan marshmallows and my oh my, what sweet, fluffy, heavenly marshmallows she makes. People often ask me what I miss most about being vegan (uh, nothing. Why would I miss partaking in pillaging the earth, killing creatures, wasting water, etc) . Is it the cheese (oh, I make my own ricottage cheese and it's pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey-where-the-tail-is-meant-to-go, good!)....Is it the...(I cut in abruptly), No fool, it's the marshmallows.
Circa 2001, right before i became vegan I was a candy addict. I had a serious problem, seriously. Anyways, I would always have marshmallows and a lighter on me. I would sit at the back of a car, or be wherever I was, with a lighter in my hand, and burn marshmallows into melty heavens and eat them....
My next mission is to make a vegan marshmallow (wo)man. i would snuggle with it every night, without doubt.

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