Thursday, March 29, 2012


In 1995 I joined Noise Addict. We played shows with SPDFGH and Lustre 4 lots. It was like I had 6 mothers!
Those two bands were so great, and still are. It was such a great time, musically, in Sydney. You could also go to all ages shows at the Metro in the city. I saw Dinosaur Jr play there in '95. The Meanies and Nunchucka Superfly played regularly too, and Frenzal Rhomb.
Anyways, I couldn't find any Lustre 4 clips on youtube. I have Double Happiness on CD. Spdfgh released a couple of albums and they released a 7 inch in this really cool, thick cardboard packaging and I used to keep my weed and my pipe in there when I was 16.
Oh, you can get all the SPDFGH releases on itunes!
Sally Seltmann was in Lustre 4 with Lara Meyerratken (El May). Sally went on to do New Buffalo. Here is my favourit song from that project of hers as well as a SPDFGH clip. SPDFGH featured sisters Kim and Tania Bowers.
Oh, the memories. So sweet. Like cupcakes falling from the sky.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My favourite Robert Altman film?

Big call, I know, but I think it is. It has to be.
(Starring Shelley Duval and Sissy Spacek!!)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

C L A G !

Clag were an Australian band from the 90's. from Brisbane, to be exact.
All their material is finally getting a release through Chapter music.
Clag are so amazingly good. It almost hurts, but then everything is washed away in a simplistic happy smiley grin, so it's ok.

The album comes out tomorrow, but i've been ringing record stores in Melbourne finding out if i can get it today.
Hurry up tomorrow!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Archers Of Loaf

They just reissued Vee Vee, probably my favourite Archers of Loaf record.
I didn't know that at the time, and even now, there's a 'Pavement or Archers- who's better?' /pick your side, in indy rock... I like both. (I guess I was 15 when these two bands were in their heyday. If I didn't see idea's been thrown around in zines, I certainly wasn't going to have such debates with my classmates at my private Jewish day school!)

Eric Bachmann has a harsher voice than Steve Malkmus. Harsh is good.
Here's 'Harnessed in Slum's, my favourite song off the record, and I couldn't not post 'Web in Front', from Icky Mettle, which also just got a re release. So good.

("All I ever wanted was to be your spine".... Wish I wrote those words)