Thursday, March 1, 2012

Archers Of Loaf

They just reissued Vee Vee, probably my favourite Archers of Loaf record.
I didn't know that at the time, and even now, there's a 'Pavement or Archers- who's better?' /pick your side, in indy rock... I like both. (I guess I was 15 when these two bands were in their heyday. If I didn't see idea's been thrown around in zines, I certainly wasn't going to have such debates with my classmates at my private Jewish day school!)

Eric Bachmann has a harsher voice than Steve Malkmus. Harsh is good.
Here's 'Harnessed in Slum's, my favourite song off the record, and I couldn't not post 'Web in Front', from Icky Mettle, which also just got a re release. So good.

("All I ever wanted was to be your spine".... Wish I wrote those words)

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