Monday, June 25, 2012

A Split Second- Flesh/Rigor Mortis

Another fine Belgium band. A Split Second.

Guyer's Connection

Great song with a great title, by a great band, reissued by a great label (Medical Records). Swiss synth scape from the early 80's. Pogo of Techno. Should have thought of that myself. So good. Discoqueen II from their newly reissued s/t record. Mandatory.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Maggi Payne- Flights of Fancy

A very beautiful piece from composer Maggi Payne's computerized music experiments from 1984-87. Trance music. An enTrance into another dimension. Payne was a dancer herself and Composed for a unique dance/video project collaboration with experimental video maker Ed Tannebaum for a series of performances called Technological Feets. See the figure in this figure and go figure


San Francisco industrial shavings circa 1980.
A sample. tss tss tss Seance psych:

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Say it 10 times. It begins to lose it's meaning and sound weird!
I like Godflesh. I'm not really into Jesu. Justin Broadrick is the common thread between the two, and has a new project called JK Flesh. The record Posthuman just came out and it's huge. Big, crushing, massive drums. Plummeting. Godflesh fans rejoice!

And while we're at it. Streetcleaner.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I was confused when I found out about Amber London. Her EP is called 'The 1994 EP', and it sounds like it's straight out of '94. The video's look like they're from '94. I don't mind. I like '94. It was arguably one of the best years in music history.
This is from 2012. This is some past tense perfection.
Anyways, I don't use the word 'dope' often, but that's what Amber's flow is. Her style, the speed, the chill, it's all dope.
This is G-Funk. Girl Funk, baby