Thursday, October 27, 2011

EGG RAID ON MOJO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some Old Bullshit= Best Beasties album for sure.
Then Paul's Boutique, then: Ill Communication, then Check Your head then Liscence to Ill then Hello Nasty.
Throw in Aglio E Olio in the middle of all of that or something, as an interlude.


LUSCIOUS JACKSON + relates radness

Luscious Jackson rocked my world and locked my jaw in '94. I got NATURAL INGREDIENTS on vinyl. Baby blue vinyl.
Do I need to go through the history?
Kate Schellenbach used to drum for the Beastie Boys in their very early incarnation, before Luscious Jackson.
Grand Royal released Natural Ingredients.
They formed in '91.
Luscious Jackson's biggest hit was definitely Naked Eye. ('97)
They broke up in 2000.
In 1996 Vivian Trimble and Jill Cunniff from the band recorded a record under the name Kostars. 'Klassics With a K' was a dreamy album with lots of little toy keyboards and acoustic guitars and pretty harmonies.
Schellenbach and Josephine Wiggs (bassist for The Breeders) were girlfriends and released a 7" called THE KIMS WE LOVE, under the name Ladies Who Lunch. It featured 2 covers- A Sonic Youth one (Bull in The heather) and a Pixies one (Gigantic).
A genius concept indeed.
Anyways, this is like a history class, or Herstory class rather.
This stuff was such a major influence on me. I owe some of my blood cells to all the songs/projects below. Or a thousand breaths...

Luscious Jackson- City Song

Ladies Who Lunch- Bull in The Heather

Kostars- Never So Lonely

Thursday, October 13, 2011

NEW NAS!!!!!!!! NASTY!!!!!!!

Nas sounds the best over these kind of beats. Minimal breaks. His flow has a mind of it's own.
Trajectory that treads from the mind to the heart to the lungs to the ether.
Respect to God's Son for always keeping true to himself. Nas never tries to bend his character to make it fit with the rap of the moment.
There's always complaints about how he's a bad beat selector, but can you imagine Nas raping over anything else but the beats he chooses? His essence and style shoot perfectly across his choices.
The King of Queens. Nas is in a borough of his own.

NittyScottMC-Auntie Maria's Crib

sweet smooth flows. Salute to the 90's.
Like a blunted Butterfly.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

OLIVE- you're not alone/CHICANE-Saltwater

Love the chilled out jungle vibes of Olive's You're not Alone.
This song touches my heart.
There were so many songs of this ilk coming out in the late 90's.
Here are 2.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cibo Matto- Beef Jerky

Dont' mind some primal strips faux jerky.
Love Cibo Matto.
Their whole debut album Viva! La Women, was full of sweet jams. And every song title had an edible thing in it.
I heard they've been working on a new album. Yes!!!
They went on to form a side supergroup, Butter 08, with Russell Simins (Jon Spencer blues Explosion), Rick Lee (Skeleton Key) and Mike Mills. That was a pretty great album too.

new month, new Harmony Korine