Sunday, January 27, 2013


The two greatest players, ever, in women's tennis. Seles, the first loud grunter, with her double handed forehand, Graf, with that graceful backhand and constant finesse. These two women were artists on the court. A great rivalry, unprecedented today.
Watching the Australian Open Women's final last night made me nostalgic. Women's tennis has been quite flat and inconsistent over the past six or seven years. So it was good to see a strong, close match.
Witness the fitness below, Graf VS Seles '93 Australian Open final, back when the court was green, not blue.
Also, one year, my family drove to Melbourne from Sydney, to watch the Open, and my sister caught Steffi Graf's towel when she threw it into the crowd.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Rare synth wave jams from DIY '80s musician Christof Glowalla, a young German armed with just a single synth, a 4 track, and a super primitive drum machine.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Silent Servant

Happy new year!  I'm still settling into '13. Nice number.
This was one of my favourite records of last year. Negative Fascination, by Silent Servant, released on Hospital Productions. I endorse pretty much everything they release. Dark on repeat. now repeat. Coda.

Hydra Head split

This is the last release ever from Hydra Head, a label that released a lot of boisterous, heavy music over the past two decades. A split LP between JK Flesh and Prurient close the curtains on what was a very important and momentous label who disturbed the peace, in a good way.