Friday, November 30, 2012


Electronic music from Hamburg, Germany. Early 80's.
Makes me want a Korg MS-20 real bad.
My copy of 'Teenage Tapes'- a collection of Felix's early work, just arrived in the mail.

I also just bought this guitar today. So it should arrive in the mail next week.
I love getting mail.

Tea of the week- GYOKURO YAMASHIRO

Gyokuro is my favourite green tea.
It has a strong grassy flavour.
Gyokuro Yamashiro is shaded for 6-7 weeks prior to plucking, so it's dark, extra energizing and extremely rare outside of Japan.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Two bands I loved growing up; Codeine and Cranes.
I think I found out that Codeine was a legal downer drug, found in stomach ache tablets, that people took to get down, when I was 15. Then I heard the band Codeine and they sounded slow, like the drug, and I thought 'what a perfect name'. I love 'Frigid Stars A Lot'. I know it wasn't meant to be a record for teenagers. It really is quite sophisticated in it's simplicity. Somehow it made it's way into my 15 year old frame. I listened to this album so much when I was a sad teenager, in a lot of pain. It was my Codeine.

I've been listening to 'Forever' by Cranes a lot lately. It's made a comeback in my life. I couldn't listen to it for about 10 years, because it brought up so many crushing emotions for me. But, I'm realigned with it again. It truly is a beautiful piece of work.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tea of the week- Guyu Mao Jian

Guyu Mao Jian- from China
2g/1tsp per 200ml
70 degrees for 2.5min
3 infusions
Very light, delicate flavour.
Great for in the morning.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy belated Halloween.
Hope you got crunked out on candy. Hard or soft, all textures welcome.
One of my favourite John Carpenter scores is Halloween III.

And, a no brainer...because your brains got eaten!