Thursday, November 15, 2012


Two bands I loved growing up; Codeine and Cranes.
I think I found out that Codeine was a legal downer drug, found in stomach ache tablets, that people took to get down, when I was 15. Then I heard the band Codeine and they sounded slow, like the drug, and I thought 'what a perfect name'. I love 'Frigid Stars A Lot'. I know it wasn't meant to be a record for teenagers. It really is quite sophisticated in it's simplicity. Somehow it made it's way into my 15 year old frame. I listened to this album so much when I was a sad teenager, in a lot of pain. It was my Codeine.

I've been listening to 'Forever' by Cranes a lot lately. It's made a comeback in my life. I couldn't listen to it for about 10 years, because it brought up so many crushing emotions for me. But, I'm realigned with it again. It truly is a beautiful piece of work.

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