Tuesday, April 27, 2010

M.I.A Born Free

New video/ first single off M.I.A's untitled album, out in June.
It's not as progressive/out there as Gaga, but it's still worth a mention...
Just joking.
Politics is real. Knowledge is power. Triangular shoulders (which were Klaus Nomi's thang way before) wigs and big glasses do not tell the truth, do not educate and do not change the world.
I respect what gaga is doing for gender/sexuality, but her idea's/video's are too saturated in style and eye candy, that the 12 year old girls watching them don't notice anything but the crazy costumes. It's a form of hypnotism. The people who see her significance and titillations are older, high brow, educated theorists. In essence, the converted.

This is an interesting article about the Lady gaga Telephone clip

(just cut and paste. sorry!)

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