Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Rah Digga's DIRTY HARRIET came out on the cusp of the beginning/end of a centruy. '99.
I thought that was gonna be the end for rappers. This girl was going to take over the world, being linked to Busta Rhymes and all. I thought she was going to be the Y2K myth of the world getting fucked up, personified! But it didn't happen. It confused the hell out of me.
Rah was the queen of rap back then, in my eye.
I knew, and still know, every word on that record.
I just heard her do some what of a diss back to Fat trel and Tyler the Creator for using her name in their tracks as metaphors for something not very nice.
Rah's verse is murderous. Clever.

(copy and paste this. via the fader)

If you don't have Dirty Harriet, get schooled. Get it.
Peace and Love and respect to Rah Digga. Big influence on me as a rapper.

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