Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lisa Crystal Carver/Roller Derby/Suck Dog

Roller Derby was one of my favourite zine's growing up. A bit intense for a 15 year old, but i was drawn into Lisa's world. I used to wish I could see her performance art group Suck Dog. A bit intense I know. Lisa is an intense survivor of intense. Read Drugs Are Nice and go figure. I was re-skimming through the Roller Derby anthology tonight, and it is still intense, even for a 30 year old.


  1. You can still see many of her collaborators perform. Including myself. There's a tribute album too.
    still active to my knowledge:
    Jean Louis Costes
    Dame D'arcy
    Coz the Shroom (me)

  2. wow!
    seriously? that's amazing
    let me know about your performance