Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ok, I banned myself from buying music on ebay a few years ago. Those rare MALARIA! 12's and albums were setting me back some gelt. Not to mention the super pricey, rare French Legions Black Metal was painting corpse paint all over my wallet.
Today, however, I splurged out on some rare K.L.F records and 12". This stuff is hard to get now. I just had to. It's justified (and ancient!!)
These guys are total trippers, their philosophy is awesome (I will write a rant on it some time soon) and their music is pure energy.
Wherever Trancentral is, I wanna go there, NOW
Oh and if anyone knows where to get a copy of their Ambient record, please let me know. It's bliss and it saved my life once (another rant, for another time)

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